Sports Girl - Khloe Terae in Playboy.

Canadian Khloe Terae appeared in another photo shoot for Playboy. This time she became beautiful multisports athlete.

Natalia Rubtsova on cover of Playboy Russia september 2016.

Natalia Rubtsova / Наталья Рубцова appeared in one more Playboy's water pool photo shoot.

Kelly Gale on cover of Playboy september 2016.

Beauty Kelly Gale appeared on cover of Playboy september 2016 issue.

Hannah Glasby in Playboy september 2016.

Hannah Glasby appeared in road photo shoot for Playboy september 2016 issue.

Miss Maxim 2016 Russia - Natalia Shuvalova.

Beauty Natalia Shuvalova / Наталья Шувалова became miss Maxim 2016 of Russia.

Elizabeth Smith for FHM Indonesia.

Beauty Elizabeth Smith appeared in swimwear photo shoot for FHM Indonesia.

Ekaterina Menshikova in Playboy Ukraine.

Ekaterina Menshikova / Екатерина Меньшикова appeared on cover of Playboy Ukraine for which issue she took part in helicopter photo shoot.
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